The system of levers to ease the “Polystpastos” weight and pillow-belt. Description of the suspension system
“Polystpastos” is a device consisting of the clip containing movable blocks, which are wrapped with a rope and intended for gain in strength. In this design, three knee Polystpastos is used, which gives a gain in lowering the weight of the athlete by three times. The usual working length of the device is not more than one meter, because the lifting height does not exceed 50 cm. It is very important that the polystpastos optimally works when the ceiling is at the height of 3 meters from the suspension point. There is no limitation to the height. The suspension point must not swing.
Description of Pillow-belt with a stretch on four straps.
Soft belt is designed for long hanging and suspension of skaters. In the framework of figure skaters’ training it is required to create long rotation in the air to simulate multi-revolution jumps.
Advantages over analogues
1. The suspension point is aimed at the center of the athlete’s body weight and does not introduce an imbalance in the rotation.
2. The athlete’s weight can be lifted with one hand, without much effort.
3. The surface of the Pillow-belt is soft – athletes don’t experience pain.
4. The application of ECO SKIN material in Pillow-belt increases the adhesion to the athlete’s clothing.
5. The belt can be fastened and unfastened in a very short time.
6. The belt fastens very tightly because on one side it has a special unique coating of polyamide monofilaments in the form of loops, and the other side has a loop with a side cut in the form of hooks. Coupled together, these tapes form a strong connection due to the tight insertion of hooks into the loops.
7. Alpinist grade static ropes are used.
8. Two two-row blocks and a swivel of alpinist grade with rotation bearings are used, ensuring the durability of the device
9. Stretch straps have custom design and are strengthened with reinforced threads.
10. Stretch pipe’s diameter is 32 mm, it is made from polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass.
11. The thickness of the carabiner’s metal is 9 mm.
12. It withstands long suspension and weight up to 100 kg.
13. The use of climbing equipment is confirmed by certificates.
Standard basic set for ceiling heights of 2, 8 – 4 meters.
1. The rope is 20 meters long and 9 mm thick.
2. Double-row rollers – 2 pcs.
3. Swivel with bearings – 1 pc.
4. Carabiners 4 pcs.
5. Pillow-belt size Medium Waist length 55 cm – 70 cm.

Additionally, you can purchase:
1. Pillow-belt XXL – Waist 65- 85 cm
2. Pillow-belt Small – waist 45- 65 cm
3. “Zhumar” system of capturing the rope when pulling under the right or left arm .
4. For ceiling height from 4 to 15 meters additional descent rope with two carabiners .

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