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This is a letter of endorsement of the Bronson Spinner, both the electric and the non-motorized models. I have found both extremely useful for training the sport of figure skating, specifically to assist the athlete with vestibular stability and the ability to rotate rapidly. The Bronson Spinner, combined with an off-ice harness, gives the athlete a perfect simulation of jump rotation, creating correct muscle memory and building confidence.
In addition to the utilitarian aspect of the Bronson Spinner, the devices are very durable and easy to utilize. I highly recommend the purchasers get instruction on proper use, safety precautions and step by step drills of increasing difficulty from the Bronson Team. They explained every detail for proper usage.
The non-motorized model offers many of the attributes of the motorized spinner and is very portable.
I recommend both models for any serious skating school to assist their coaches in training their skaters. Coaches can receive training which will build a community of service for their clients. It is beneficial for all levels and all ages.
Grassroots to Champions seminars uses the Bronson Spinner at all our seminars and camps.
Audrey Weisiger
Dear Vladislav,
I wanted to express my appreciation for your great figure skating training equipment! We installed the Bronson Vestibular Training equipment at Kendall Ice Arena over a year ago and have had outstanding success with all levels and ages of skaters. We have had skaters at the Pre Freeskate Level (as young as five) and it has proven to help them progress more rapidly into rotational jumping. Skaters at higher levels can improve their air position and core strength for double and triple jumps as well as improve their spin technique. So many great exercises are possible!
I highly recommend this cutting-edge high-tech tool! Great for all levels of coaching and skating ability!

Kent Johnson
Skating Program Director at Kendall Ice Arena
PSA Triple Master Rated Coach
MFS, MG, MM, International Coach Ranking Level V
Learn to Skate USA – South Atlantic Competition Representative
Arena 305-386-8288
Hi Vlad,
Bronson spinner has been a great addition to our academy. We have tried other spinners on the market and by far this one is the most reliable and user friendly. Not only is the product well made, the team at Bronson Spinner are always on hand to help and guide you on your spinner journey. Skaters have seen improvements on core strength, body awareness and balance. We have seen a massive difference in our athletes since using the Bronson Spinner. I would highly recommend it.
Robert Murray.
West Of Scotland Skating Academy

4. The Bronson Spinner is an amazing tool for athletes – and we are so happy that our athletes use both the motorized and non-motorized spinners. We clearly see improvement in our athletes’ rotation speed, air position, air awareness, and even strength and fitness from using the spinners. The entire Bronson system is so athlete friendly: their harness system makes athletes almost weightless, and is so much easier to use from a coaching perspective – their harness belts are also much more comfortable than any others we have seen – and some in multiple sizes. Beyond that, Vlad and the whole team is incredibly helpful. They are quick, efficient, and ready to help in any way or answer any question. We are truly grateful that Bronson is part of our training system.
Philip Chang and Kevin Coppola – PKSay – National Coaches – www.pk-skate.com

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